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Tracing People

At Tracing People, we are continuously locating Missing Persons, Beneficiaries, Heirs, Debtors, Lost Friends and Family Members, etc. Although we operate throughout the whole of the UK, our searches often take us overseas and this has established a network of reliable international contacts.

When a tracing agent is assigned to a case, your subject's whereabouts are located using a comprehensive range of resources and techniques that go beyond database searches or internet research. With many years of experience in tracing people, we are able to offer a fast and professional service to legal clients, companies, organisations and individuals.

Who do we locate? Friends and family you have lost touch with, ex partners, debtors, potential witnesses, missing freeholders, ex tenants, beneficiaries, clients customers, missing persons etc.

Who do we work for? Solicitors and legal professionals, private clients, local authorities, schools and colleges, documentary and film makers, news papers, banks and other finance houses, insurance companies, private investigators and process servers, estate and letting agents, hotels, investors, genealogists, researchers, authors, phone companies, etc etc

Don't have much information to go on? We can begin locating someone as soon as you instruct us with even the smallest amount of information.

Confidentiality? Rest assured that all our enquiries are completely confidential and absolutely discreet and covert. All our agents are thoroughly experienced with a minimum of twenty years of tracing expertise.

With over 20 years of advanced tracing experience, we are considered to have one of the highest tracing success of any investigation agency. The company has a reputation for reliability and consistent high standards of service, flexible to our clients' requirements whilst ensuring integrity and absolute discretion. Contact us today for an informal chat in complete confidence on 0800 410 1066 or 07733 325 488 to speak with a tracing agent. Or simply email your requirements to us at info@tracingpeople.net. We operate 24 hours a day and seven days of the week - most of our tracing instructions are completed within a 24 hour period. The Tracing People main office building is called is located at Heatherbank, The Broadway, Crowborough, TN6 1DE.

Privacy Policy
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